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Engineering Investments House has a professional statistician, software engineering and Forex traders, who have traded, researched and developed over many years the best High Frequency and MT4 day Trading Robots, that have an excellent performance on the Forex markets.
Therefore, more than 80% of the trading in the financial markets is being done only by computer programs.


The Advantages of MT4 EA’s Algorithmic-HFT builds in the House:


HFT Forex Robots are trading exactly, stably, and pre-defined algorithmic strategies – A Proven Track Record !


Day trader should take a manual control only when the robot sends a notification – A Special Module !


FX Trading Robots are NOT making psychological tiredness mistakes and not Mis-judgements !


FX Robot has been programmed with a lot of trading experience – High Gain Investment !


Trading 24/5 night and day, a huge advantage above a human Day – Trader  !


Automated Trading Software

The functions, which could also be integrated into your EA´s are :

Vector Trigonometric ACos
Chaikin A/D Line
Vector Arithmetic Add
Chaikin A/D Oscillator
Average Directional Movement Index
Average Directional Movement Index Rating
Absolute Price Oscillator
Aroon Oscillator
Vector Trigonometric ASin
Vector Trigonometric ATan
Average True Range
Average Price
Bollinger Bands
Balance Of Power
Commodity Channel Index
Two Crows
Three Black Crows
Three Inside Up/Down
Three-Line Strike
Three Outside Up/Down
Three Stars In The South
Three Advancing White Soldiers
Abandoned Baby
Advance Block
Closing Marubozu
Concealing Baby Swallow
Dark Cloud Cover
Doji Star
Dragonfly Doji
Engulfing Pattern
Evening Doji Star
Evening Star
Up/Down-gap side-by-side white lines
Gravestone Doji
Hanging Man
Harami Pattern
Harami Cross Pattern
High-Wave Candle
Hikkake Pattern
Modified Hikkake Pattern
Homing Pigeon
Identical Three Crows
In-Neck Pattern
Inverted Hammer
Kicking – bull/bear determined by the longer marubozu
Ladder Bottom
Long Legged Doji
Long Line Candle
Matching Low
Mat Hold
Morning Doji Star
Morning Star
On-Neck Pattern
Piercing Pattern
Rickshaw Man
Rising/Falling Three Methods
Separating Lines
Shooting Star
Short Line Candle
Spinning Top
Stalled Pattern
Stick Sandwich
Takuri (Dragonfly Doji with very long lower shadow)
Tasuki Gap
Thrusting Pattern
Tristar Pattern
Unique 3 River
Upside Gap Two Crows
Upside/Downside Gap Three Methods
Vector Ceil
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r)
COS Vector Trigonometric Cos
COSH Vector Trigonometric Cosh
DEMA Double Exponential Moving Average
DIV Vector Arithmetic Div
DX Directional Movement Index
EMA Exponential Moving Average
EXP Vector Arithmetic
Vector Floor
Hilbert Transform – Dominant Cycle Period
Hilbert Transform – Dominant Cycle Phase
Hilbert Transform – Phasor Components
Hilbert Transform – SineWave
Hilbert Transform – Instantaneous Trendline
Hilbert Transform – Trend vs Cycle Mode
Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average
Linear Regression
Linear Regression Angle
Linear Regression Intercept
Linear Regression Slope
LN Vector Log Natural
Vector Log10
MA Moving average
MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
MACD with controllable MA type
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Fix 12/26
Adaptive Moving Average
Moving average with variable period
Highest value over a specified period
Index of highest value over a specified period
Median Price
Flow Index
MidPoint over period
Midpoint Price over period
MIN Lowest value over a specified period
Index of lowest value over a specified period
Lowest and highest values over a specified period
Indexes of lowest and highest values over a specified period
Minus Directional Indicator
Minus Directional Movement
Vector Arithmetic Mult
Normalized Average True Range
Balance Volume
Plus Directional Indicator
Plus Directional Movement
Percentage Price Oscillator
Rate of change : ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100
Rate of change Percentage: (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice
Rate of change ratio: (price/prevPrice)
Rate of change ratio 100 scale: (price/prevPrice)*100
Relative Strength Index
Parabolic SAR
Parabolic SAR – Extended
Vector Trigonometric Sin
Vector Trigonometric Sinh
Simple Moving Average
Vector Square Root
Standard Deviation
Stochastic Fast
Stochastic Relative Strength Index
Vector Arithmetic Substraction
Triple Exponential Moving Average (T3)
Vector Trigonometric Tan
Vector Trigonometric Tanh
Triple Exponential Moving Average
True Range
Triangular Moving Average
(ROC) of a Triple Smooth EMA
Time Series Forecast
Typical Price
Ultimate Oscillator
Weighted Close Price
Williams’ %R
Weighted Moving Average

And More…

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