5 Reasons Day Trader uses Forex Trading Robots

Reason 1

When it comes to the markets, the more experienced traders know that speed is everything. We live in an economic system where the whole landscape can change in an instant, so making sure you make the right moves at the right time is critical.


Reason 2

For this reason, Forex Trading Robots have become the human trader’s best friend in recent times, allowing for fast and accurate trades using predefined algorithmic-Trading strategies. While traders are known for keeping among the most unsociable hours of finance professionals. It is impossible for them to be available and ready to pounce on opportunities 24 hours a day, five days a week. That’s where Forex Trading Robots come in, offering 80% success rates by making fast calculations to find the profit point !


Reason 3

It is also the emotionless quality of Forex Trading Robots that can assist human traders, operating on pure logic rather than hanging on even though they know they are losing money. When planned effectively, it’s a clinical execution. They are trained to sniff around for profit and nothing else, looking at the data patterns which offer a route to success. Aside from emotion, for the day trader putting in long shifts, fatigue also comes into it, and with Forex Trading Robots, mistakes due to tiredness or psychological mis-judgements are rare.

Reason 4

Seasoned traders are accustomed to interpreting political and financial changes and predicting how they will effect the markets – the most successful have their planning and timing down to a tee. With a winning strategy, the Forex Trading Robots are capable of capitalizing on opportunities at any time of the day or night, carrying out the wishes of their programmer. Now, in some scenarios, instead of a trader waking up to discover what they have missed, they are rising to the smell of newly won fortunes.


Reason 5

A day trader is able to transplant a large part of their market knowledge and decision making preferences into the robots, who are capable of easing their workload. In fact, Forex Trading Robots can largely be left to their own devices, with the human trader being alerted when they need to step in by way of notification. It might be said that a robot is only as good as its programmer, and Forex Trading Robots benefit from intelligent research and the exploration of as many possibilities as is feasible.


In terms of the Best Way to Choose a Forex Trading Robot, a lot will depend on the experience of the day trader in question, and what their overall objectives are. There are different responsibility levels to choose from, with some robots needing ‘nannying’ much more than others. As with anything attached to investments, it’s worth shopping around for the product most suited to your requirements. 


When used wisely, Forex Trading Robots are capable of catapulting the day trader into the relatively small percentage of successful traders to which they aspire. What they require is a winning formula, and, when this is applied, they are undoubtedly a potent profit making weapon !


Open your Real Managed Account
Open your Real Managed Account

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Algorithmic-Trading in Action…

In this post, I will write and explain about what is really Algorithmic Trading and how it is being implemented by Engineering Investments House.


In addition, you could also watch below at the interesting video about an Algorithmic-Trading Robot in action. Many people, who have somehow heard about the new and advanced financial technology, which is called Algorithmic High Frequency Trading.

Although in the reality the financials markets are very vivid and unexpected we have developed an Algorithmic-Trading program, which runs 99% of the time without any professional trader, who is always monitoring and controlling it.

Normally, our advanced and a proven-track record Algorithmic-Trading program runs about 99% of the time without any intervention from the professional Forex trader.


At the below video you could see the advanced Algorithmic-Trading program in action…





It is based on earning money from the little differences among EUR/USD currency pair. As we have seen, EUR/USD pair is 1.26000 and later will be 1.26300 therefore the Algorithmic-Trading program earns money from buy at 1.26000 and sell at 1.26300, but it also sells on 1.26300 an extra quantity. In general, our Algorithmic-Trading program is normally trading on the both sides simultaneously !


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