Professional Managed FX Accounts

We understand that a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) needs their capital to work for them, and Engineering Investments House can see it does just that.


Those who have achieved the status of High Net Worth Individual are always on the lookout for sophisticated investment opportunities which can leverage their money. Engineering Investments House is at the cutting edge when it comes to advanced, professionally managed accounts, including algorithmic High Frequency Trading (HFT) accounts.


Our HFT accounts are operated by the most intelligent algorithmic-trading robots, which excel at trading on the Foreign Exchange Markets. Our FOREX managed accounts for HNWIs have long been a popular choice among savvy investors, with a proven track record for successfully maximizing your initial investment.


Our professionally managed FX investments program is one of the most sophisticated within the financial services sector, seeing that HNWIs get the greatest possible returns on the money they place with us. We employ some of the greatest minds in finance, who are constantly looking to improve the services we provide and see we remain at the forefront of FOREX trading.


We make use of the most advanced and intelligent technology available to improve investment gains for HNWIs around the world. Combining machine learning and non-traditional trading methods, we have shaken up market trading and have consistently delivered for our clients. Engineering Investments House leads the way through professionally managed accounts and our innovative approach to finding the best investment opportunities.


We work with both small and large clients, giving the same attention to detail and personal service to both. Whatever your net worth, our dedicated team are highly qualified and extremely experienced in managing accounts of all sizes, seeing your money works for you. Our impeccable track record for customer service stands testament to the dedication and knowledge of our team.


If you are a High Net Worth Individual and are seeking the most sophisticated investment opportunities, then Engineering Investments House should be your first and only port of call. To learn more about our FOREX managed accounts or to make an investment, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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