The Gold Algorithm

The book

will take you through my journey to develop a money machine (computerized algorithm), along with easy-to-understand explanations of the theory of modern investment in general and algorithmic trading in particular.

You will also be exposed to the secrets of the global financial industry and learn how to build an investment portfolio that will bring you to financial independence.

This book discusses the techniques that I developed to overcome the Profit/Risk ratio and generate large profits at zero risk in the world’s largest market.


I am a statistician by education and have extensive experience in software, trading in the foreign exchange market, and investment management. Rather than confining my insights to academics, my goal is to introduce you to this intriguing, fascinating, and important world so that you can achieve financial freedom. 


My approach to this book is very different from books that promise to explain “How to Be a Millionaire” within three to five years. I begin by explaining the basis for investments and the importance of generating high returns even in times of very low interest rates while providing practical explanations of the field of algorithmic investments in the foreign exchange market that are geared for the average reader. 


It is the newly rich who can stop waiting for the moment when they can really begin to live. They are creating a life of luxury today because they learned how to invest and leverage their money. It is both an art and a science to attain the “beautiful life.”


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