Algorithmic-Trading in Action…

In this post, I will write and explain about what is really Algorithmic Trading and how it is being implemented by Engineering Investments House.


In addition, you could also watch below at the interesting video about an Algorithmic-Trading Robot in action. Many people, who have somehow heard about the new and advanced financial technology, which is called Algorithmic High Frequency Trading.

Although in the reality the financials markets are very vivid and unexpected we have developed an Algorithmic-Trading program, which runs 99% of the time without any professional trader, who is always monitoring and controlling it.

Normally, our advanced and a proven-track record Algorithmic-Trading program runs about 99% of the time without any intervention from the professional Forex trader.


At the below video you could see the advanced Algorithmic-Trading program in action…




It is based on earning money from the little differences among EUR/USD currency pair. As we have seen, EUR/USD pair is 1.26000 and later will be 1.26300 therefore the Algorithmic-Trading program earns money from buy at 1.26000 and sell at 1.26300, but it also sells on 1.26300 an extra quantity. In general, our Algorithmic-Trading program is normally trading on the both sides simultaneously !


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