The First Milestone – A Volatility with High Gain Performance

2014 has just passed and the fourth quarter of 2014 is behind us.


Right now is the time to write about the first milestone. We can talk about Engineering Investments’s High Gain Portfolio Performance for the last quarter of 2014 and about the main events… Before we begin with this analysis, we have to understand, that mostly the Algorithmic-Trading techniques are complicated and therefore, we will expect for many questions from people, who are not professional at Forex Market.


Let begin… the bottom line is about 17% gain in the last quarter of 2014 ( is also used partly for testing Algorithmic in Real-Time ), that is very good for the beginning, and therefore with this advancement we will expect to achieve about 80% gain investments in the end of 2015. In normal situation, our Algorithmic-Trading algorithm is trading on the three different pairs simultaneously: EUR/USD, USD/CAD and GBP/CHF.


The GBP/CHF pair traded with much volatility, means that we had to stop in several times the algorithm and to trade manually.

GBPCHF daily priceWith this picture of GBP/CHF I will try to explain here about the techniques to cap with this GBP/CHF pair volatility, as well as to gain a lot from its volatility. GBP/CHF high and low price are 1.55400 and 1.50000 for us. It means that inside these high and low prices our Algorithms trades and when the pair touch one of the high or low price then we have just buy half lot in the long and sell half lot in the short direction.


This gives 100% securely to our high gains and enable us to close the long or short positions also with profit, when the pair has just been in moved in a reversed direction… At pair EUR/USD currently, the Algorithm is always trading at short direction, means that when the pair is going up then the Algorithm is selling more lots. The easiest pair is USD/CAD, which is such as an old woman… the Algorithmic-Trading is trading in long and short, which yield good gains.


I would like to give more explanations about the core events as simple as possible… but the main point is that we are in a correct direction toward a high gain 2014 year.  Wish us a wonderful high gain investment – 2015 !


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